The Ultimate Scottish Expat hamper

The Ultimate Scottish Expat hamper

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Due to so many folk wanting more Scottish products added to our regular expat box we have now added them to make the ultimate expat hamper

So these are the goodies you will get 

6 well fired rolls

1 mothers pride bread

2 bottles of irn bru

2 bottles of red Kola

2 tablet

2 macaroons

2 scotch pies

2 macaroni pies

1 mealie/white pudding

4 butteries

4 haggis slices

4 black pudding slices

4 fruit pudding slices

4 fruit dumpling

4 lorne sausage

4 pineapple tarts

4 iced ginger bread squares

1 box of short bread

4 snowballs

4 empire buiscuits 

Plus finally 6 potato scones .

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