The Bigger Better Freezer Filler Meat Pack

The Bigger Better Freezer Filler Meat Pack

Product Code: the-bigger-better-freezer-filler

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  • 3xpacks of 2 lean tender rump / popesye  steaks
  • 3xpacks of 3 fresh chicken breast fillets
  • 10 marinated fresh steak kebabs
  • 2x500g best steak mince
  • 2x500g fresh diced chicken breasts
  • 2xavg 700g each premium joints of topside beef each
  • A 1.5kg joint of pork
  • 2 packs of best back bacon
  • 2 packs of prime gammon steaks
  • 12  farm eggs
  • 12 locally produced sausages
  • Plus a full 1.1-1.36kg roasting chicken on top!
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