Orkney Scotch Ribeye Steak ( per steak )

Orkney Scotch Ribeye Steak ( per steak )

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Our Scotch Orkney Ribeye steak has now almost over taken Sirloin as the new favourite steak choice.
From the shoulder end of the sirloin, our ribeye is fully trimmed of all exterior fat and has this lovely eye of fat going through the top of the steak. Well marbled and with a looser texture than Sirloin. Our Ribeye is an incredibly tender and full flavoured steak.

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Cooking Guidelines Grill/Fry/BBQ. Every steak has different qualities and properties which have to be considered when cooking. To cook a steak: 1. Allow your steak to come to room temperature. If your steak has been vacuum packed, open to allow it to 'bloom' prior to cooking. 2. Preheat your pan or grill. When pan-frying place a little oil and sea-salt in the pan. Then place steak into the hot pan. Ensure the pan is hot, if not it can cause toughness. 3. Fry your steak for the required time so it is cooked to your liking. RARE: 2 minutes per side, 6 minutes rest. MEDIUM: 3 minutes per side, 4 minutes rest. WELL DONE: 4 minutes per side, 1-2 minutes rest.
Nutritional Information Typical Values per 100g Energy 1083kJ / 261kcal Fats 20.9g of which saturates 9.4g Carbohydrates 0.0g of which sugars 0.0g Fibre 0.0g Protein 18.3g Salt 0.05g

Please note that Nutritional Information is to be used as a guideline only.
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