Orkney Scotch Beef Short Ribs avg 250g each

Orkney Scotch Beef Short Ribs avg 250g each

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Beef Short Ribs are well-marbled with fat and sinew which gives them a classic flavoursome beefy taste. This high fat content and great flavour rib, makes them an ideal cut for braising.  Beef Short Ribs are also known as Jacobs Ladder and are taken from the short plate, which is between the brisket and flank, therefore beef short ribs have a similar tender taste. Hand-cut by our own butchers, they take time to cook but your wait will be rewarded with melt-in-the mouth flavour. They are very popular in America where they are a firm BBQ favourite but are rapidly growing in popularity in Britain. Beef Short Ribs are best cooked until the meat falls off the bone by either braising or slow-cooking on the BBQ or smoker.

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