Whole Beef Heart

Whole Beef Heart

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Naturally high in protein, our heritage breed ox heart is a favourite amongst our restaurant customers. With a distinctly mild flavour, contrary to most people's expectations, ox heart is sensational thinly sliced and quickly grilled.

An inexpensive alternative to the prime steaks and excellent use of a cut seldom used at home. From small herds of traditional breed cattle reared slowly on pasture in the Yorkshire countryside, ensuring exceptional flavour at an affordable price point.

Valentine Warner inspires:
Ox heart is virtually a butchers counter give away when considering the taste to weight to price ratio that will provide for many. Deeply flavoursome, easy to cook and it’s very hard to ruin as the more you cook it the tenderer it gets. There is no middle ground really though as if desired rare it’s a quick sear or otherwise to be cooked to give softness.

Seared fast over a high heat in thin slices, well-seasoned and served with green sauce its delicious. Rubbed with dried oregano, cumin and chipotle and put in tacos with pico de gallo salsa containing a lot of lime juice is equally delicious.

Braised until tender then, cooled, dipped in beaten Dijon mustard and raw egg, floured and breaded for deep frying produces a memorable and crispy result for herb or watercress mayonnaise.

I like to slice ox heart in strips and braise with onions, tomatoes, hot chillies, spices and vinegar. Served as a hot broth, fiery and strong in taste, once poured into a bowl over bread it makes for an unquestionable hangover cure.

Braised or seared and then dressed in a Szechuan crispy chilli oil is FABulous with a little rice, pickled cucumbers and toasted peanuts.

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