Orkney Produce

Rendalls Premium Gold Orkney Beef - I believe beef from Orkney to be the very best, especially in the flavourand tenderness of the steaks. Our Beef 100% Orkney Cattle born,reared and slaughtered in Orkney and shipped down. ​100% Orkney Cattle consistently delivers excellent tasting beef. The reason Orkney produce good beef is the diet, air and lifestyle makes a huge difference to eating quality and Orkney can supply all of these. Orkney cattle are reared to the age of 24-27 months enjoying lazy summers enjoying the greenest richest grass breathing in the pure North Sea air and usually out on the grass eating only grass from May to Early November. In the winter, they live in large airy sheds with the North Sea breeze blowing through. They then eat a diet of home grown silage (grass) and home grown root vegetables and a little Barley. The cattle spend their entire lives on one farm. Now many people think this is standard practice. Unfortunately not, as most commercial cattle reared for beef are usually are only 18 months old, with supermarket beef coming a lot from young bulls that are just a year old and often move around from different areas and different farms in their lives. A very high percentage of the UK cattle population are from continental breeds that can be finished quickly to produce large lean carcasses that look good in vacuum gas flushed trays on the supermarket shelves. The diet is also different. Most cattle will be inside their whole lives being fed barley and grain feed to finish quickly. Beef Dry Aged at Rendalls Orkney cattle enjoy a way of farming life that hasn’t really changed much over the years. We truly believe that this way of life, excellent farming practices and traditional breeding that are all evident in Orkney together with proper handling and dry aging here at Rendalls makes our beef consistency hard to match.

Our beef and lamb, produced and prepared exclusively in the Orkney Isles, is distinctly different from beef and lamb produced in other parts of the United Kingdom. Beef and lamb that tastes so good it will remind you of how wonderful meat used to be before the days of intensive farming. That’s because beef and lamb produced in the Orkney Islands is reared in the same way as it always was – on lush grass and by family run farms to whom tradition is very important. From this mouth-watering array of meat, the very highest quality is selected to be Orkney Island Gold which is then matured for a minimum of 21 days to bring out all the tenderness and flavour for you to enjoy. Learn more about the Orkney Islands from the video below, and shop our Orkney Produce online: