Stornoway Black Pudding (Whole Stick)

Stornoway Black Pudding (Whole Stick)

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Average 1.36kg full stick.

The acclaimed black pudding sold by Rendalls is made by the world famous Charles Macleod butcher up in Isle of Lewis who supplies it far and wide.

Charles Macleod is a family business that has been making black pudding for over six decades. Their on-going success has been built on two firmly established principles: top quality meat and attention to detail much like the Rendall ethos.

Scottish oatmeal is used to give a superb rough texture and the moist meaty flavour is a result of high quality ingredients and good seasoning. It’s non greasy and leaves a pleasant aftertaste.

Ideal for breakfast treats or to compliment a range of savoury main courses. Black pudding can be frozen for convenience.

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