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Greetings and a warm welcome to the blog of Rendalls Online Butcher. For our maiden post, we thought we'd introduce ourselves and talk a little more about the benefits of using our services to order meat online.

It's no secret that shopping online has increased dramatically in recent years to the point that ordering everything from furniture to groceries online has become the norm these days. It is becoming increasingly normal to shop for a greater variety of different products and services, with consumers seeking out cheaper prices and greater convenience from the comfort of their proverbial armchairs.

One thing that may not have occurred to you to order online might be butcher meat. When you think of buying meat, you may conjure up images of a trip to your high street butcher or your local supermarket. But with more and more high street butchers closing up shop in this testing economic climate, it can be difficult to get premium quality cuts of meat. Sure, there's your local supermarket, but the quality, passion and variety are generally lacking.

Introducing Rendalls Online Butcher. When you shop for butcher meat online with us, we can assure you of three things – quality, affordability, and convenience. Not only do you get the best meat and meat products made with carefully sourced fresh ingredients, you also get delivery within 48 hours on your chosen day. We pride ourselves on our ability to combine the quality of a local butcher shop with the convenience and affordable prices of an online shop.

Our multi-award winning online butcher shop is renowned for its delectable homemade pies, sausages, burgers, and much much more. We supply meat to numerous hotels and restaurants on a trade basis which means when you order meat online with us, you are getting the best quality at an incredibly reasonable price.

At Rendalls Online Butcher, we pride ourselves on our Orkney heritage and we're also passionate about bringing Scottish beef to the masses. We also like to offer our own unique and inspired take on everything from sausages and pies – see our highly acclaimed Buckfast and Steak Pie or our Devils Sausage for examples of this!

If you're looking to stock up on premium quality butcher meat, you'll be happy to learn that spending over £75 in our store entitles you to free delivery which means you can keep your freezer stocked full of the finest beef, burgers, lamb, pies, poultry and sausages for a great value price. Fancy trying something a little out of the ordinary? We also sell camel, zebra, crocodile and kangaroo steaks for those seeking to expand their culinary horizons with some exotic cuisine.

If you want to buy in bulk to fill the freezer and beat the delivery surcharge, why not have a look at our popular Meat Packs for some ideas and inspiration. Further savings are to be had in our regularly changing Special Offers category, bringing you selected offers on fresh meat and produce at bargain prices.

We hope this has served as a good general introduction to our online butcher shop, our product range and our ethos. If you have any questions whatsoever please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. And remember to stay tuned to the blog for future updates on new products, special offers, and much more!